Emuford Battery tin mine Week 2

When the Oxford Dictionary revises their next version, the meaning of the word "hospitable" should be John and Tom from Emuford Battery tin mine. It has been a long time since we have met two more  friendly people.  They have an incredible collection of mining memorabilia. We feel so privileged have have shared in it. Their stories and recounting of the local history was mind blowing. John is a former miner and a contractor and has been here for about 10 years, keeping alive the spirit of the glory days of tin mining and processing. Through his efforts, future generations may be able to experience the nostalgia of this long gone time. The Emuford Battery crushed the tin from  the surrounding mines from the late 1880's onwards.  As you can see from the shots below, a great deal of the memorabilia from this period still exists. It's incredible.

As well as his work in keeping the ravages of time and nature at bay at the battery, John spends his "spare time" restoring old trucks and machinery. You should also check out his pick collection!!!

This place is well worth the short detour off the Wheelbarrow way, and John and Tom I am sure will give you as warm a welcome as we received. A small donation is always appreciated by John, as he receives no government grants or funding. In my books though, money well spent!!!